Four Reasons to Make Swimming Part of Your Workout Routine
ExercisesFitness & Training Mar 4, 2016
Four Reasons to Make Swimming Part of Your Workout Routine

The pool is an accessible and efficient workout tool for all body types and all ages. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, just starting exercise, or recovering from an injury, the pool is the perfect place to increase your fitness and here’s why:

It’s Gentle on Your Joints

Not only is swimming a great exercise, it’s easy on your skeleton. According to Bucknell University, 90 percent of your body weight is buoyant when you are in water up to your neck. That takes quite the load off joints like your hips and knees, which can take a beating in the gym. This also makes water exercise the perfect solution for people recovering from injury or surgeries like hip or knee replacements. However, you should always work with your doctor before engaging in a new workout routine.

Water Makes Your Muscles Work Harder

Water offers constant resistance, about 12-14 percent more than when you are on land. This means your muscles are working harder with each movement. Because of this, walking in the water is even more effective than hitting the track.

It’s a Great Calorie Burner

According to data compiled from Harvard Medical School, a 155-pound person will burn 372 calories during 30 minutes swimming the breaststroke. Comparatively, walking at a brisk pace for half an hour burns only 149 calories.

There’s a Great Community

As with any new workout, starting can be the most intimidating part of swimming. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to build your confidence. Speedo USA offers free workouts based on your goals and ability. USA Swimming (the governing body of competitive swimming in the United States) offers interviews with coaches and sample workouts. Many communities have a pool available at schools, community centers, the YMCA, and private gyms. Reach out and start your new swimming workout today!