Five Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil
Wellness Dec 21, 2015
Five Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

From a nutritious cooking ingredient to a softening body moisturizer, coconut oil is an all-natural product that has hundreds of practical uses. It is extracted from the fleshy meat of mature coconuts, and its wealth of beneficial properties makes it a must-have product for beauty enthusiasts and health-conscious cooks. Be inspired to incorporate this oil into your daily routines with these five everyday uses for coconut oil.

Clever Cleanser

While the concept of using an oil to clean your face may sound odd, coconut oil’s powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties (due to the lauric acid) make it a gentle yet effective cleanser. It can be particularly beneficial when used on oily or acne-prone skin, as it helps to unclog blocked pores, and it can slow down natural oil production.

Natural Lotion

With its high levels of medium chain fatty acids, coconut oil makes for an excellent moisturizer. From hydrating rough patches of skin to soothing chapped lips, every area of the body can be moisturized with this rich oil. If you have problem skin, you may want to stick to cleansing with coconut oil and try moisturizing with organic Moroccan argan oil instead.

Frying, Baking, and Spreading

Coconut oil has long been used as a cooking ingredient in Asia, and its light, nutty taste works well in noodle or rice based dishes, as well as in sweet treats like pastries. Vegans can use coconut oil as a butter replacement.

Oral Health

Oil pulling is an ancient Asian practice that involves swishing a teaspoon of coconut oil in the mouth for 15 minutes before spitting it out. The method is believed to help eliminate bad breath and reduce plaque-induced gingivitis. Many oil pullers report having whiter teeth after several weeks of daily oil pulling.

Heavenly Hair Care

This multi-use oil will penetrate hair follicles to condition the hair. Use it like a hair mask for a strengthening and shine-inducing treatment, rub it into the scalp when shampooing for a natural dandruff remedy, or apply a small amount onto the ends of dry hair to prevent split ends and tame flyaways.

Whether using the oil to cook or to cleanse, for the best results, you should always use a high-quality, unrefined organic coconut oil that has been cold-pressed. Coconut oil is one of the most versatile of all natural products out there, so no bathroom or kitchen cabinet should be without it.