Fitness Tracking Apps to Add to Your Workout
Fitness & Training Nov 13, 2015
Fitness Tracking Apps to Add to Your Workout

Your smartphone can be a great ally in the battle to stay in shape. Whether you prefer to run, walk, cycle or any other form of exercise, there is an app that can help you track your workouts and keep your progress on track. Check out these top five fitness tracking apps for phone to help you stay motivated.


Track your running, walking or cycling workouts with Endomondo, an Android app that uses GPS technology to track the distance you travel and the speed you maintain while working out. Wear your headphones while you use the app to hear information about how you’re doing. For example, Endomondo can tell you when you’ve run one mile and let you know how long it will take you to reach your distance goal if you keep up the same pace. The app also makes it very easy to share your progress with your friends. Compare your paces over the same routes to generate a healthy degree of competition among your active friends. The basic app is free, with the option to pay for the pro version which allows you to receive extra voice coaching.


Runtastic is a free app that integrates with a range of music apps, including Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Pandora, and Google Play Music, allowing you to control music playback from within the app. The Challenge feature is a useful motivational tool, as it allows you to race against your past performances.

Workout Trainer

Running isn’t the only way to stay in shape. If you’re interested in toning and strengthening, use the free Workout Trainer app to experiment with lunges, squats, and crunches. Workout trainer shows you how to do every exercise correctly, and suggests routines to train specific parts of the body.

7 Minute Workout

No time to work out? With the free 7 Minute Workout app, there is no excuse for not exercising. This app guides you through quick yet effective workouts that you can do at home with minimal equipment. Evidence shows that very brief intervals of exercise can provide many of the benefits of prolonged exercise.


Use MyFitnessPal on your smartphone to compare the calories you eat with those you burn during exercise. The app has a huge database of exercises. Input your weight, age, and gender into the app to get a personalized estimate of the calories you have burned during your workout.

Bring some structure to your workout using one of the apps listed here. These apps can help you track your workout, give you ideas for your training, and help you stay motivated.