Fitness For The Pop Culture Fan!
Fitness & Training Mar 22, 2017
Fitness For The Pop Culture Fan!

When the Pokemon Go! app was released last summer, it brought people together. Millions of players were visiting “pokestops” and “pokegyms” daily, and hundreds could be found en masse at designated locations in some cities.

Aside from bringing all of these 90s nostalgic Pokemon lovers together, it got people moving. One British man even claimed to have lost 28 pounds in just 20 days, after walking 141 miles to catch the 142 available Pokemon creatures!

Making exercise fun is a stroke of genius. Fortunately for the pop culture fan inside us all, this motivational tool did not start and will not end with Pokemon Go! Check out some of the suggestions below to get you moving and having fun!

7 Minute Superhero Workout App

If you’re tight on time and have always dreamed of being a superhero, this app is for you. With this app, you’ll be exercising to save the planet from aliens. Your computer or smartphone tracks your movements, and each exercise allows you a different tactic to fight off the alien invasion.

Whether you’re launching missiles or powering-up your suit, you can watch your hard work decimate incoming hostiles as it’s simulated on your device.

Light Saber Workouts

Last year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens garnered over $2 billion at the box office! The franchise has a huge fan base and now there are light saber workouts nationwide. Each class gets you moving for 30-60 minutes as you “train” with a light saber to become a Jedi Master. What could be more fun than that?

If Star Wars isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other pop-culture inspired workouts that can be found in a city near you. Among them are Hunger Games training and Harry Potter Quidditch.

The Academy at Nerd Fitness

This fitness regiment is built on a gaming foundation. Your workouts and progress allow you to unlock items and new quests and fight boss battles online. When you begin, you’ll take an on-boarding test to match your current skills and abilities to one of six guilds.

When it’s time to battle a boss, it’s similar to RPG board games. Instead of rolling the dice for target hits though, you have predetermined exercise movements which will decide if you win or lose based on how well you completed each. Each level participants beat allow them to level up in fitness and in the game!

Who said fitness had to be all work and no play?