Fall Running Gear You’ve Got To Have
Fitness & Training Oct 9, 2018
Fall Running Gear You’ve Got To Have

Running is a fairly minimalist activity – meaning you don’t need much gear in order to enjoy or excel at the sport. All you really need is a good pair of shoes and some comfortable clothes.

But if you spend a lot of time running or competing in races, running gear can improve your running experience. The gear may not make you run faster, but it should at least make you feel more comfortable, motivate you or simply make you look good.

Here is some fall running gear worth adding to your shopping cart:

Running Watch

If you don’t already have a GPS watch, get one. The type of watch you choose will depend on your budget and how many bells and whistles you want, but any watch that can log miles at the very least will keep you motivated. Some running watches, such as the Garmin Forerunner 735XT ($350), measure heart rate and monitor advanced running parameters, including ground contact time, stride length, VO2 max estimate, lactate threshold and more. For a more budget-friendly option, try the Timex Ironman GPS, which will provide real-time running metrics for about $100.

Moisture Wick Socks

Not only do your socks need to wick moisture from your feet, but they need to be comfortable. Each runner has different preferences when it comes to socks, but one brand worth trying is Balega. Their V-Tech socks have an enhanced arch support system, including compression bands that provide mid-foot support. They also have cushioning to absorb impact and mesh construction to enhance ventilation. If compression socks are your thing, calf-high compression panels in 2XU’s performance socks are designed to reduce fatigue and inflammation in your legs.

Running Shoes

The shoes that are a perfect fit for you may not be ideal for your running buddy. Finding a shoe that fits well and provides proper support is key to running comfortably and avoiding injury. It’s best to go to a running specialty store to be fit by a knowledgeable professional if you’re not sure what shoe to get. One running shoe that is upping its environmental commitment this season is the Adidas Outdoors Parley Two, which uses recycled ocean plastic fibers in the upper. But this is just one of hundreds of running shoe options to choose from.

Outer Shell

Running during the fall may require more than just a tank or tee to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. A waterproof shell is the perfect addition to your running wardrobe, in case conditions get a little wet. One option is Columbia’s Outdry Ex Gold Tech Shell. It is fully sealed against the elements, the interior is made of moisture-wicking fabric and there are armpit vents so you’ll stay comfortable. There’s also an adjustable hood.

Running Gloves

As temps start to dip, no need to bunch your hands in your sleeves to keep fingers warm. Instead wear a pair of Brooks’ Greenlight Gloves which are lightweight, have an adjustable fit and sport text-friendly fingertips. There’s even a small pocket to hold your keys.