Eight Reasons To Go The Distance
ExercisesFitness & Training Jul 5, 2016
Eight Reasons To Go The Distance

If you’ve never run a marathon, half-marathon or other distance race, you may wonder why anyone would put themselves through such a grueling ordeal. But many who have conquered the beast will tell you that the feeling you get from going the distance is unlike almost anything else you’ll ever experience.

Want to know why people would put themselves through months of training, hours of pounding the pavement, chafing, aching muscles and exhaustion?

Here are 8 reasons why runners choose to make the sacrifice:

  1. To gain self-confidence. Having the perseverance, stamina and drive to conquer a long distance race is a great confidence booster. In 2015, over a half a million people finished a marathon in the U.S. and less than 1% of Americans have ever run a marathon or half-marathon, leaving you among an elite few if you do. The feeling you get after crossing the finish line is something you can’t buy – you simply have to experience it for yourself.
  2. To get fitter, physically and mentally. Training for a marathon will make your muscles and your heart stronger. You’ll also likely see mental improvements, including reduced stress.
  3. To grow as a person. For most people, the thought of completing a marathon seems impossible. Even for those that think they can do it, the process requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Each time you are pushed beyond what’s comfortable, you grow as a person.
  4. For the inspiration. People will cheer you on from the sidelines because they’re inspired that you’re able to achieve such a monumental task. Others will be inspired simply by hearing about your endeavors. You will be inspired by people you see and meet along the way. And you will inspire yourself in ways you never imagined.
  5. To expand your circle of friends. Whether you’re on the course during race day or running through the streets while training, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with other runners and make friends with like-minded people. Distance runners often find it easy to connect with others interested in the same challenges.
  6. To accomplish a goal. A marathon is the pinnacle of distance running races. The feeling of accomplishment you get from tackling 26.2 miles of pavement is indescribable. It’s a high that’s hard to duplicate. Runners get the same feeling after finishing 13.1 miles, 10 miles or a 10k. It’s not always about the distance, but about setting a goal and then being able to accomplish it.
  7. It’s an epic milestone. You’ll never forget your first distance race. Or any one you complete after that. It’s such a monumental achievement that each race is memorable in its own right.
  8. Because you can. Some people face obstacles that will never make it possible to complete the task that lies before you. But you are strong. You are capable. And you can do it.

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