Do’s and Don’ts of Marathon Training
Fitness & Training Sep 15, 2015
Do’s and Don’ts of Marathon Training

Marathon season is upon us, and runners all over the country have been training for the ultimate 26.2 miles physical endurance test. The passion for running runs deep within our Orthology team so here are some of our tips from our practitioners for conquering your upcoming marathon, whether it’s your first or fifth race!

  • DO maintain your steady pace as you’re nearing the finish line. Breaking into a sprint can cause injuries.
  • DON’T train alone, if you can avoid it. It’s safer to train in a group, and it is especially helpful if you get injured and need help immediately. Joining your local running club can provide a regular schedule of training and extra motivation to stick with it. If you do head out on your own, be sure you’ve got your ID, cell phone and some cash.
  • DON’T wear new shoes or apparel on race day. Shoes should be previously run in and comfortable but not worn out, which can affect your performance. Wearing new apparel can cause unexpected chaffing if you’ve never run in the clothes before and are unsure of the fit.
  • DO listen to your body. By engaging in body awareness, you’ll know when you’re pushing too hard, which can lead to strain and injury.
  • DON’T forget to set a target time for yourself. A target time that you would like to complete the race within is a great mental motivator. Instead of aiming to “just finish,” setting a target time can keep you focused throughout the race.