Don’t Ignore Your Sweet Tooth! 5 Healthy Desserts You’ll Love
Nutrition May 27, 2016
Don’t Ignore Your Sweet Tooth! 5 Healthy Desserts You’ll Love

Life has a habit of keeping us on our feet. A busy life means we want quick, easy solutions so we can move on to the next task at hand. The biggest aspect of lives that we allow to fall victim to this cycle is our diet. It’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet when in the rush of things, we opt for the chocolate bar by the register or request that newly anticipated cream filled donut with our morning coffee, both of which contain unnecessary calories and way too much sugar. But there are better options out there to satisfy your sweet tooth that are quick and healthy.

With all the treats out there to choose from, why should you aim for a healthy dessert or snack? Healthy eating allows you to minimize your fat and calorie intake, lower the amount of sugar you put in your body, and reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure along with many other benefits.

So if you’re searching for the perfect quick and healthy dessert, check out our top five!

Pineapple-Raspberry Parfait

All you need is yogurt, fresh raspberries, and some pineapple and you’ve got yourself a delicious parfait to that will annihilate those sugary cravings and make you feel great! Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotic bacteria that strengthens the immune system and assist in keeping your digestive track healthy. As far as the raspberries and pineapples go, they make the perfect way to amplify your energy, maintain a healthy weight, and fight off numerous diseases.

Grilled Peach Sundae

Let’s kick the benefits of yogurt up a notch by aiming for a frozen serving. The yogurt combined with mouth-watering, grilled peaches will vanish any urge you have for a candy-infested sundae. Outside of flavor, peaches contain vitamin C, which helps reduce stress and prevent hair loss, so you can stay calm and keep your luscious locks.

Pistachio Chocolate Pudding

When you grab a cup of low-fat chocolate pudding, you’re already choosing a healthier way to engage in dessert time because it’s loaded with calcium, vitamins, and minerals. By going the extra mile to sprinkle some chopped pistachios on top, you provide yourself with vitamin B6, which assists in improving both the nervous and immune system. They also contain vitamin E, a key asset in maintaining healthy skin, and carotenoids that enhance your eye health.

Chocolate-Hazelnut-Banana Finger Sandwiches

Speaking of chocolate, this dessert is unlike any sandwich you’ve tried. Selecting whole wheat bread allows you to reap many benefits such as improving your gastrointestinal health, protecting yourself against breast cancer, and if you have kids you’ll be snacking with, you’ll be interested in knowing whole wheat helps reduce the risk of childhood asthma. All these awesome benefits along with those contributed from the bananas, which are a super-food, will keep you healthy and happy.

Plum Smoothie Pops

With the hot weather approaching, don’t be fooled into buying store-bought pops filled with artificial flavors when you can make your own fruity popsicle. This plum smoothie one is sure to cool you down while keeping your blood sugar in check, preventing your risk of diabetes, as well as neutralize free radicals which damage cells, ultimately improving your memory.

Staying healthy isn’t time-consuming! With this list you can now enjoy a whole new world of treats and still accomplish everything on your to-do list. As you can see, taking a healthier road to satisfying your sweet tooth is a deliciously beneficial way to tackle dessert.