Celebrate Earth Day by Getting Outside
Fitness & TrainingWellness Apr 22, 2017
Celebrate Earth Day by Getting Outside

This year, Earth Day falls on Saturday April 22nd. An annual celebration that takes place worldwide, Earth Day is a day in which global and climate change issues are highlighted and addressed and various events are held throughout cities to support the need for environmental protection.

The first Earth Day took place in 1970 as a celebratory event occurring across school campuses throughout the US. Now observed in 192 countries and coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Day Network, Earth Day is a day to take action for our planet’s protection and get outdoors.

In addition to all the Earth Day events that might be happening in your city, take some time out of the day or weekend to get outdoors and re-connect with Mother Nature. With the weather warming up, and the days growing longer, it’s easier to spend time outdoors.

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