Calorie-Saving Tips For Your Next Holiday Get-Together
Nutrition Dec 21, 2018
Calorie-Saving Tips For Your Next Holiday Get-Together

Tis the season for holiday parties, family meals and casual get-togethers. Not only will you get to socialize with some of your favorite people, but all of that holiday togetherness inevitably means there will be lots of extra calories vying for your attention. So how do you make it through the holiday season without packing on a few extra pounds?

Here are some calorie-saving tips to help you keep indulgences under control as you enjoy the festivities:

Position yourself away from the food. You’re less likely to eat mindlessly when you’re not standing or sitting right near the food. Move away from the buffet or stay far from tables filled with chips, desserts or high-calorie apps.

Hold something in your hand. Having one hand filled makes it harder to hold a plate of food. One popular calorie-saving trick is to make a habit out of holding a drink in your hand at all times. Just make sure the drink in your hand is calorie-free or low-calorie because liquid calories add up quickly.

Use a small plate. If your get-together is buffet-style (and many are), choose a smaller plate if more than one size is available. Then fill the plate with what you want but don’t go back for seconds.

Alternate drinks. Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Have a glass of water or seltzer between each alcoholic drink to lower the amount of alcohol and calories you consume. If you’re drinking wine, opt for a wine spritzer. Choose light beer if available. Skip or limit sugary drinks.

Don’t go hungry. Don’t starve yourself all day to save room for party indulgences. You’re better off eating a snack or small meal shortly before you go so you don’t show up ravenous. This way you can enjoy your favorite foods without going overboard.

Watch out for sneaky calories. When snacking, opt for raw veggies, hummus and other healthy options rather than cheese, pepperoni bread or chips. Pay attention to how much you drink. Not only do calories add up quickly, but the more you drink, the less likely you are to care what you’re eating.

Take a bite. Can’t pass up those indulgent appetizers or decadent desserts? Take a bite. Then remember that the first bite always tastes the best – and stop. You’ll still get to taste how good things are without consuming hundreds of calories in the process.