Are Burpees Part Of Your Workout?
Exercises Nov 6, 2018
Are Burpees Part Of Your Workout?

When it comes to powerful workout techniques that are intended to cut belly fat or increase cardio, the term burpee is used in CrossFit training programs and general workout routines. But, burpees are one of the most dreaded, yet popular workout options to integrate into an exercise program.

Are burpees part of your workout?

What Is A Burpee?

Burpees are generally a very intense exercise because they combine a push-up and a squat jump in one full exercise sequence. Burpees provide someone who is trying to burn some calories and build up their endurance in a short period, an intense mix of motions.

To correctly complete a burpee, start in standing position with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body into squatting position, and then place your hands on the inside of your feet, switching the weight from your feet to your hands. Move from a squatting position to a full plank, with your body forming a straight line.

Reverse the position so that you’re moving from full plank, back to squatting, with your feet on the outside of your hands (still on the floor). From here, finish your burpee with a jump up to standing position.

How Can They Help?

Doing burpees two or three days a week can be an example of “tough love” as far as intense workout options are concerned. We all know that wanting to dodge specific exercises because you despise taking them on is part of making an emotional and mental adjustment.

But, just because burpees seem difficult to do, shirking this fitness exercise, could — in the long run — be deleterious to one’s health based on the notion that you are missing out on some important strengthening routines that could benefit you and change your mindset for the better.

If there are fitness key goals you have in mind, burpees are one part of a broader fitness plan to contemplate adopting as part of your general workout routine. And with all fitness goals, there are areas to focus on when it comes to using burpees like strength conditioning, weight loss, increasing endurance, and the improvement of your cardio system.

What Are Some Precautions I Should Be Taking?

With any high-intensity workout routine, one should only do these burpees and other exercises with the appropriate trainer or under essential supervision once you have gotten a clean bill of health from a doctor or physician to perform this new routine involving burpees.