9 Fun Things To Keep You Moving This Weekend
Wellness Jul 20, 2018
9 Fun Things To Keep You Moving This Weekend

Summer weather just begs for you to get off the couch and head outdoors. Now is the perfect time to spend your weekends exploring what’s going on in your local neighborhood or taking a short trip to a nearby point of interest.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your weekend interesting while still getting in some much needed physical activity, why not give one of these ideas a try?

Here are 9 fun and active weekend activities:

  1. Visit a fair or festival – Whether you enjoy perusing through crafts or craft beer, there’s likely an outdoor festival worth visiting. While enjoying whatever strikes your fancy – art, food, music, carnival games – you’ll also be stepping your way to a healthier you.
  2. Head to the playground or park – If you have kids, there’s nothing like heading to the park for some good ol’ fashioned fun. Climb the monkey bars, swing on the swings or run through the grass while flying a kite. Without even thinking about it, you’ll be burning calories and getting in some good cardio.
  3. Take a hike – Trail walking or running is not only good for your body but it’s good for your soul. Spend some time enjoying the sights and sound of the great outdoors, whether you’re a seasoned hiker looking for rugged terrain and steep inclines or a novice who prefers a leisurely stroll past serene waterfalls and flowers.
  4. Browse through a museum – Perfect weather is not always guaranteed on a summer weekend so if you’re looking for something to do indoors, head to a local museum for some culture and adventure. By the end of the day, you’ll likely find you’ve logged more steps than you realize.
  5. Put on your bathing suit – Summer is a great time to jump in the water and get in an excellent workout. Even if you’re just splashing around you’re moving your body.
  6. Have a ball – Don’t just watch your local team play but get in on the action. Find a pick-up basketball game, grab a tennis racket and a friend and head to the court or kick around a soccer ball with your kids. You’ll burn off some steam – and some calories, too.
  7. Enter a race – During this time of year, there are 5Ks, charity walks and more challenging races to pique the interest of athletes of all abilities.
  8. Go camping – If you love spending time in nature, grab a tent and some gear and go camping. It’s hard to be a couch potato when your “couch” is the ground!
  9. Volunteer – It feels great to help others and most volunteer activities also keep you on your feet and moving. Help clean up a public park, serve food at a soup kitchen or walk dogs at an animal rescue. The possibilities are endless.