Here are 7 Rewards of Fitness to Get You Motivated
Wellness Oct 10, 2017
Here are 7 Rewards of Fitness to Get You Motivated

We all know the obvious benefits of getting into shape and engaging in a regular fitness routine. But what are the other benefits that go beyond the physical ones?

Here are 7 more reasons to make fitness a regular activity: 

Confidence Booster

One of the most often overlooked benefits of fitness, but definitely one with significant impact, is that it boosts your confidence. This, in turn, affects every other area of your life. When you get that extra boost of completing a session or finishing an intense interval training program, you will feel more encourage to complete daily chores, tasks at work, and responsibilities at home.

Endless Energy Bank

Contrary to popular thinking, regular exercise fights fatigue, and boosts energy levels. In fact, one of the best ways to fight afternoon fatigue is to engage in some form of a fitness routine, stretching, physical therapy, or mild to moderate exercise. The physical body movement will have a positive effect on your energy levels.

Builds Your Social Circle

Whether you are going to a gym, or joining a fitness group meet up, getting fit will build your social relationships. Interacting with other people who have the same fitness goals will result in a natural building of friendships. Sharing goals and routines with others while engaging in fitness programs together will expand your social circle and allow you to meet new people you’d never have met had you not been working to get fit.

Makes You Happier

Not only does getting fit make you feel better physically, it also makes you feel better emotionally. Exercise elevates endorphin levels, which in turn makes you happy. When the endorphins flood your blood stream, your mood elevates, producing a natural high. This is what runners often refer to as the runner’s high. It is the elevated sense of well-being, the happiness you feel as a result of the endorphins released when you exercise.

Stress Buster

Of course, reduced stress is a physical benefit. Less stress results in better cardiovascular function and a longer life expectancy. But the benefits of reduced stress go far beyond the physical. Lower stress levels have a positive impact on your emotional and mental health.

Jumpstarts Your Smarts

Just as fitness affects the body, it also affects the brain. It increases your ability to think, reason, learn, and even remember. In fact, Forbes ran an article that explores multiple ways in which exercise makes you smarter. The article supports our notion that fitness helps with memory and even extends the concept to suggest that the increased brain function helps impulse control and increases productivity.


The combined effect of your fitness routine tiring your muscles, releasing stress, and putting you into a happy mood results in a state of genuine relaxation. In fact, Active reports that there are 7 ways exercise relieves stress and helps you relax. Beyond that, good fitness produces good sleep. According to The New York Times, exercise can help us sleep better. And a healthy night’s sleep helps to keep you relaxed all throughout the following day.

So, whether you get fit at a nearby gym, in your own backyard, or even through a physical therapy program, the rewards are excellent and go far beyond the obvious, physical benefits.