5 Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Next Run
Fitness & Training Feb 28, 2019
5 Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Next Run

Running is a great way to get and stay healthy. You don’t need to invest a lot of money, most people can do it, and after a while, it’s kind of addicting. Running does, however, take motivation. Whether you are an old pro or you are a newbie, at some point you will hit a wall. We have some tips that can help you stay motivated.

Take A New Route

It can get boring seeing the same houses along the same street every time you go for a run. If you find your surroundings are dragging you down, find a new route. Your neighborhood will still be there when you get back. In addition, you will get explore other nearby areas. If nature is more your speed get online and find a scenic running spot nearby.

Swap Playlists With A Friend

If your go-to music just doesn’t have the same pep, trying listening to your friend’s playlist. What music do they use to put a kick in their step? Chances are they might be ready for new music too. Spotify will let you share your list with friends. You can even build new playlists together to help both of you with running motivation.

Try Using An Interactive App

Zombies, Run! Is a fun, immersive app that puts you in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. You have to complete missions, find hidden objects, and sprint to avoid the biters. Another roleplay app to consider is The Walk. This story unlocks with distance. The more steps you take the further you go through the story. These episodes also have hidden collectibles to find and collect.

Enter A Virtual Race

Many running apps are starting virtual races. You can start training for a 5k, 10k, or a half marathon from anywhere in the world. Try visiting Virtual Strides to see if there is a race that works for you. They donate $5 from each registration fee to the charity you sign up to run. These races will even ship you a medal and in some cases a t-shirt. All the proof you need to brag about your finish.

Chase The Sun

If you love mornings this one’s for you. Set your alarm in the morning before the sun is up. Then go running toward sunrise. It is a beautiful view no matter where you live. Watch, as the horizon breaks open with light. The red, orange and pink rays splashing across the blue sky will keep you going throughout the run and the day.

It is not always easy to lace up and hit the road running, but the rewards you get when you’re done is irreplaceable. These tips will help make your runs fun and help keep you motivated.