5 Things You’re Probably Not Cleaning Enough
Wellness May 11, 2018
5 Things You’re Probably Not Cleaning Enough

You would cringe if your toilets weren’t cleaned on a regular basis, but you probably don’t give a second thought to how dirty other things are that you touch all day long. In fact, some of the things on the list below have more germs than that toilet. Ick!

Avoiding germs and bacteria starts with making sure you’re more vigilant about what – and how – you clean.

Here are 5 things you’re likely not cleaning enough:

Cell Phone

You touch your phone all day long after touching everything under the sun. Then you leave your phone on dirty tables, shove it in your pocket and throw it in your purse, all adding to the germs it comes in contact with. Get in the habit of cleaning your phone at least once a day, including the case. Alcohol is best for killing bacteria but check what your phone’s manufacturer recommends to avoid damage.


You probably never think of cleaning the TV remote, but it can collect germs as much as anything else. Before cleaning, remove batteries. Then to remove germs and dust, wipe the remote with a paper towel or rag dipped in one part vinegar to two parts water. If you have crud between the buttons, use a cotton swab dipped in the solution or soapy water to get in the small spaces. Do the same with game controllers.

Kitchen Counters

Wiping the crumbs or cleaning up visible spills on the counter makes them look clean. But there may be plenty of bacteria lurking on the surface that you can’t see. So get in the habit of cleaning and sanitizing counters at least once a day, and preferably after every time you prepare food, so you get rid of the germs.


Have leftovers lurking that you can’t even identify anymore? It may be time to clean out your refrigerator. In fact, you should get in the habit of cleaning it out every few months. Remove the food you no longer eat (or that looks funky!) and wipe down the shelves and walls with a mixture of baking soda and water. Then rinse with water and let dry before replacing food.

Reusable Grocery Bags

You’re doing your part for the environment by bringing your own bags when you buy groceries – and hopefully you’re cleaning those bags between uses, especially if you use them to carry raw meat. Throw in the wash if they’re machine washable or wipe with a sanitizing wipe to remove germs and bacteria.