5 Things You Can Do to Take Advantage of Longer Days
Wellness Mar 12, 2018
5 Things You Can Do to Take Advantage of Longer Days

The arrival of Daylight Savings Time brings with it a coveted extra hour of daylight. Of course, you’ll have to get over the hour of sleep you lose this weekend, but if you’re like many people, you’ve been looking forward to the extra time you’ll have at the end of the day to get outside and enjoy the things you love to do.

Now that we’ve “sprung forward,” here are 5 ways to take advantage of the longer days:

Switch up your workout. Tired of heading to the gym after being in the office all day? Now is the perfect time to change things up and head outdoors. Go for a run in the park or a bike ride around your neighborhood. Attend a sunset tai chi class, join a pick-up basketball game or play tennis with a friend.

Dine alfresco. It may still be too chilly to eat outdoors on some nights, but there will be balmy days that are perfect for enjoying an evening meal outside. Turn on the grill, pack a picnic or head to your favorite restaurant with outdoor seating and savor a delicious alfresco meal at the end of the day.

Take an evening stroll. Instead of plopping yourself on the couch for some television after dinner, grab your partner, a friend or your pooch and take a walk. You’ll get in some extra steps while enjoying the last light of the day and may even get to witness a spectacular sunset. The activity and fresh air can boost your physical and mental well-being.

Start planning your garden. It may only be early March, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about what you want to plant in the coming weeks. Now is the perfect time to plan your garden or tackle some yard work to get ready for spring planting.

Meet your friends. You know how you just want to stay cooped up indoors when it’s cold and dark outside? Well now you have no excuses to get out and be social. Make plans to meet friends for happy hour or plan an excursion where you can all enjoy the extra daylight.

While the beginning of Daylight Savings time leaves many people thinking of how they can enjoy more time outdoors, it’s also the perfect time to make sure you stay safe in your home. When changing your clocks, don’t forget to also change the batteries in your smoke detectors.