Four Reasons to Drink More Water This Season
Wellness Apr 12, 2016
Four Reasons to Drink More Water This Season

As we look forward to the spring and then summer, we tend to become more active and conscious of our weight. If you’re feeling sluggish, why not start incorporate more water into your routine?

While exercise and a balanced diet are critical, there’s one key element to consider – water. In 2014, Kantar Worldpanel analyzed the drinking habits of 30,000 people and found that less than 1 percent consumed the recommended eight glasses per day. Shockingly, six out of ten people drank only one glass per day.

You should be consuming half of your body weight in ounces daily and here’s why.

Boost Energy Levels

According to another survey, 300 doctors stated that fatigue was the main concern in 21 percent of their consultations. Of those 300 doctors, only 4 percent believed that their patients were hydrated. Since 60 percent of the human body is composed of water, it’s no wonder so many people are tired all the time.

When you feel thirsty, you’ve already lost one to two percent of the total water in your body. At that point, you will already develop negative side effects, including significant fatigue. Water enhances circulation, which carries oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your cells. If you often feel irritable, tired or dizzy, dehydration may be the cause.

Flush Your System

Just as you participate in spring cleaning around the house, it doesn’t hurt to cleanse your body. Increasing water consumption can boost immune function. When you experience chronic dehydration, you place a strain on your body, meaning the ability to remove toxins will be impacted.

To increase the effectiveness, add fresh lemon juice. Lemons offer beneficial protein, vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, magnesium and more. This combination benefits your gastrointestinal tract, stomach, kidneys, liver, and skin, as lemon boosts enzyme function, offering anti-inflammatory benefits.

Promote Clearer Skin

Your skin contains approximately 64 percent water, so it’s no surprise that dehydration can increase dryness and acne. If you drink little water, it’s been found that when consumption is increased, you can improve your skin’s thickness and density.

In terms of acne breakouts, inflammation and toxins play a key role. When an overload of toxins isn’t flushed out of your system via your kidneys, your body will try to eliminate them through your skin, contributing to skin issues. Since water improves immunity, inflammation will be reduced.

Improve Concentration and Focus

The human brain is composed of approximately 85 percent water, which is why you often experience headaches and a lack of concentration when you’re dehydrated. When experiencing “brain fog,” concentration levels and mental clarity are significantly affected.

If you do not drink enough water, you essentially reduce your brain’s “energy” supply. Poor brain function is often due to a buildup of metabolic waste, however, dehydration is one of the most common triggers of brain fog, poor memory and mood swings.