3 Advantages Of Adding Kettlebells To Your Workout
Fitness & Training Sep 28, 2018
3 Advantages Of Adding Kettlebells To Your Workout

Have you ever walked into your gym and come across equipment you’re not sure how to use or correctly incorporate into your workout? If kettlebells are on your list, read on to see why they can be a great addition to your workout.

Kettlebells Build Practical Strength

Most of us think there’s only one kind of strength, but that isn’t true. Practical strength is a term for workout routines and exercises that mimic movements you make during your everyday life, rather than those you only make at the gym. Because while a dumbbell definitely works your muscles, how often do you have weights that are so easily gripped, and so perfectly balanced, in your everyday life? Kettlebells, and the exercises you do with them, are more keyed to stuff you have to lift when you’re not in the gym.

Kettlebells Activate More Muscles (When Used Properly)

Anyone who’s used dumbbells as part of their exercise routine knows that momentum is something you want to avoid with those weights. You lower it, stop, raise it, and stop again to make sure you aren’t using the momentum to cheat.

However, if you’re using kettlebells, momentum is part of the lift. Not only that, but because you’re swinging a kettlebell rather than just lifting it, you’re activating more than a single group of muscles to move it, and control its momentum.

Kettlebells Are A Single-Package Exercise

Too often, we think of weightlifting routines for the sole purposes of strength-building. They’re one half of a balanced exercise diet, with cardio being the other half. However, kettlebell exercises tend to be the whole package all in one. Because of the movements associated with them, and how sweeping they can be, you get both a cardio workout and a weightlifting workout in at the same time. Additionally, kettlebells promote flexibility as well as strength, and you can get more results in a lot less time.