10 Mindfulness Tips to Get You Through Stressful Days
Wellness Nov 6, 2015
10 Mindfulness Tips to Get You Through Stressful Days

When stress hits, it can be hard to see past it. Stress affects everyone and can seem overwhelming to those experiencing it. But there are some useful techniques and mindfulness tips that can help you through it.

Practice Acceptance

Accepting negative feelings can actually help you let them go and move on quicker. This is because accepting negative feelings removes the guilt from a situation and allows you to stop focusing on the negativity and focus, instead, on solving the problem.

Mindful Breathing

According to the Institute of Stress, mindful breathing decreases heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. To lessen the effects of stress, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth slowly for 30 seconds. Even a short period of conscious breathing is enough to clear the mind and alter your mood.

Take a Break

To make your day more mindful, take several short breaks. Taking breaks during the day can decrease stress and increase productivity.


Excessive tech consumption can make it hard to tune out unneccessary stimulus, leading to a condition that is being called “popcorn brain.” To decreases stress, take a tech-free lunch break or designate email-free periods during the day.


Although it may be hard to squeeze in a gym visit during the day, even a simple walk around the neighborhood can boost your mood, and help you feel more alert for up to 12 hours afterward.


Writing is a powerful stress-buster. If you’re feeling overloaded during the day, taking a moment to write down your thoughts can help you release the negative feelings and focus on moving forward.

Practice Affirmations

Self-affirmations have been proven to increase problem-solving capabilities and boost confidence, which may be just the help you need during a stressful day.

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude helps shift the mind from stress to mindfulness. During stressful moments, find five things you’re grateful for and write them down. While this is a simple trick, it can have a big impact on your outlook and mood.

Be Social

Socialization promotes senses of enjoyment, belonging, and relaxation. Next time you’re having a hard day, phone a friend for lunch or coffee. Being with a person who makes you feel comfortable can help turn the entire day around.


When your day gets stressful, try watching a funny video. In addition to decreasing stress, laughter improves blood flow, and promotes good heart function.

While stress affects everyone, it doesn’t have to ruin your day. Use these mindfulness practices to bring more enjoyment to each day.